About Marry Me Abroad

Marry Me Abroad was started in 2004 with the vision to help couples to arrange their dream wedding day in exotic locations.

Since our first wedding in Italy in 2004 we have organized hundreds of weddings in destinations worldwide including Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Vanuatu, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean, New Zealand and right here in Australia.

We truly are your boutique international wedding planning agency.

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible services to you, which is why we have formed an extensive network of agents all over the world to ensure that you benefit from local knowledge and expertise. Our team works together to ensure your special day is just that.

Our commitment to you is to do everything possible to ensure your special day is magical, stress-free, seamless and most importantly fun. We do this through ensuring that our core values of integrity, adaptability, excitement, expertise and warmth are central to every aspect of our operation.

Our role is “to create memories for couples that will last a lifetime”. We are here to make your wedding dreams your reality, allowing you to begin the rest of your lives together in the most romantic and fun way possible.

Our team of experienced consultants is available to help you in any way possible.