What is a destination wedding? 
A destination wedding is an opportunity for couples to say ‘I do’ in at a location of their choosing, away from home. It’s a great excuse to invite family and friends on a holiday and to enjoy their company for a few days. Destination weddings take place each and every day all over the world. Some of our favourite locations include Italy, Greece and other fabulous European countries, Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Hawaii, Vanuatu, Mexico, USA and the Caribbean as well as closer to home in New Zealand or Australia.

A destination wedding may be simply the bride and groom eloping, a few close friends or a lavish affair with plenty of guests there to celebrate.

Why should I have a destination wedding, what are the benefits?
A destination wedding is a great way for you to turn what is normally a one day event into a few days or longer of fun with your family and friends. As an overseas wedding is generally more intimate than a traditional wedding, a destination wedding can often be a more affordable option. And it’s a great way to combine your wedding and honeymoon.

What do I need to consider when deciding on a destination wedding?
Before you decide on a destination wedding you might like to run the idea past your family and friends. That is of course if you will be inviting guests. You may have relatives who cannot travel for one reason or another but who would like to be there on your special day. If this is the case then you may decide to also hold a small reception at home so you can include everyone.
You also need to consider the destination as this will affect who attends. If it’s a particularly expensive or remote destination then it’s likely you will have less guests attending – many see this as a positive if trying to keep costs down.

What are the first steps when planning a destination wedding?
The first and perhaps your biggest step is deciding to have a destination wedding. Once you have decided to get married overseas or away from home then the next part is exciting, selecting the destination where you will get married. It may be the place where you fell in love, or just one of your favourite places to holiday, whatever the case our team of experienced wedding planners are here to assist you in planning every last detail of your destination wedding.
And if you haven’t quite decided on a destination then our team would be happy to assist you in selecting a destination which is perfect for you and your guests.

Can you arrange weddings in destinations other than what is offered on your website?
Absolutely. If the destination you are looking for is not listed on our site, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always more than willing to do the research for you to ensure your special day is just that.

How far in advance should I plan my destination wedding?
While around 12 months in advance is advisable to secure the best travel deals and ensure availability of your preferred venue we have also organized weddings in less than a month. So if you are spontaneous and decide to elope last minute, rest assured the team at Marry Me Abroad are well equipped to assist.
For larger weddings we would always advise that you begin the process as sooner rather than later. You should try to send your save the dates to guests as early as possible to allow them time to plan for your special day.

I have decided on a destination wedding. Why should I choose Marry Me Abroad?
For over 10 years Marry Me Abroad have been Australia’s boutique international wedding planning agency. With a team of experienced wedding planners, an extensive network of agents all over the world to ensure local knowledge and expertise, our team works together to ensure your special day is magical, stress free and most importantly fun. We understand that everyone is different which is why each and every one of our weddings is tailored to the bride and groom, you won’t find any two weddings are the same – it is important to the Marry Me Abroad team to work with the couple on every last detail to create their dream day.

What about legal requirements for a wedding overseas?
Australia will recognize any wedding that is bound by the laws of the country you marry in. In saying this, not all countries will legally marry you. The place where you intend to marry is always the best place to begin as they decide what is required for you to legally marry. Every country has different legal requirements for weddings and most will require some form of ID and pre-completed paperwork. For example in Italy the authorities require a document called a Nulla Osta (no impediment) issued by your Embassy in Italy, plus any additional documents which may be requested according to your residency and citizenship. And for Catholic weddings in Italy paperwork needs to start at home with your local parish.
Our team of experience planners will work with you through the entire documentation process to ensure that everything is completed correctly for your wedding in your selected destination.

I am recently divorced, how soon can I remarry?
If you are planning to remarry right after being legally divorced, you need to know the waiting times for your selected destination. In Italy for example a bride cannot remarry within 300 days of an official divorce, this is to protect any unborn children in case of pregnancy. However in Greece, there is not waiting time.
Rules will vary for each destination and therefore we recommend you check this with your wedding planner before commencing your wedding plans.

How long before our wedding should we arrive in our destination?
We normally suggest you arrive one week prior to your wedding date to allow you plenty of time to attend any required meetings, visit your venue for a pre-inspection and take in the surrounds. However this time will vary from destination to destination and the minimum requirement is two working days before your wedding. Please check with your wedding planner before booking your travel arrangements as they will be able to advise you.

Can we bring our own alcohol to our reception?
Your wedding planner will provide you with information and guidance for your destination, as not all venues will allow you to bring your own alcohol.
For example, if you are having a Bali Villa wedding then we would recommend that our couples as well as their guests arrive with their own wine to avoid the import taxes on wines. However on the upside, Bali offers great beverage packages with delicious cocktail lists which are very affordable. Or if you decide on Tuscany then caterers will provide a quantity of local wine with the wedding dinner menu however usually the couple can supply their own beer which has been purchased locally.

When should we book flights?
As soon as you have decided on your wedding date and your document appointments have been locked in, it’s a good idea to book your flights. For long-haul flights enquire about early bird deals. And also leave some time to recover from jet-lag before your big day.

How should I travel with my wedding dress?
Always travel with your dress as hand luggage. You can ask the store or designer where the dress was purchased to pack it up to meet airline luggage requirements or alternatively speak to your wedding planner about organizing special requirements for your luggage. The majority of international airlines will allow to hang your dress in the first-class locker

What is the Marry Me Abroad assistance fee?
Our team offers a complimentary consultation which will answer any concerns, give you some insight into your preferred destination and will explain our fees and the various stages of the wedding planning process.