Why an Overseas Wedding Planning is Better Than an Event Travel Agent

When planning overseas weddings, there’s so much to think about. You want that expert someone to take charge and help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

But who do you choose? An event travel agent or a specialist in destination weddings?Perhaps it helps to look at it like this.

An event travel agent has great expertise in arranging business, sporting and entertainment fixtures overseas, taking care of tickets, flights, transfers and hotels.

But only overseas wedding planners understand the complexities of managing wedding legalities, venues and suppliers in exotic locations, having extensive experience in long-distance provision of overseas wedding packages.


How a specialist in destination weddings can help

Perhaps you’ve been considering classic romantic destination weddings in Italy, or you have your eye on a relaxed beach wedding in Fiji.

Whatever your destination and style of wedding ceremony, you need to draw up a checklist of essential items when organising the perfect day.

Don’t know where to start? A destination wedding planner can walk you through every question you need to answer when arranging your life-changing adventure, including:

  • Have you decided on the location, and have you been there before?
  • Do you need help choosing the right venue, and is it for a large or intimate wedding party?
  • What style of wedding are you looking for – formal, exotic, low-key, relaxed or high fashion?
  • Are you up-to-date with current wedding trends and what’s available?
  • Which local suppliers will be suitable for your needs?
  • Do you speak the language of your chosen country?
  • Do you need advice about the best places to visit, take photographs and stay?
  • Are you able to handle the legal requirements and documentation of your overseas wedding?
  • Do you know of any local customs which will affect your wedding choices?
  • Who will arrange your wedding vows, order of service and flowers along with photography, wedding outfits, catering and entertainment?
  • Will you be arranging your honeymoon stay as well as accommodation for your wedding party?


Why it pays to choose a marriage expert

Every detail relating to your flights, wedding party, ceremony, reception and extended stay can be taken care of by a specialist wedding planner.

They have extensive knowledge relating to your destination, including the best local suppliers, little-known venues, fascinating local customs and all the legal paperwork required.

Your planner can advise you on every detail that needs to be attended to before leaving home, ensuring that your destination wedding runs smoothly and offers memories to last a lifetime.

Whether you are looking for impossibly stylish weddings in Tuscany or the pick of sun-splashed Fiji weddings to celebrate with friends, it’s important to know exactly how far your budget will extend.

That’s the beauty of using a wedding planner who knows your destination inside out. They know precisely how to maximise your budget for Italian weddings,for instance, getting the best group accommodation rates at local venues and arranging fantastic sight-seeing and dining spots.

So while event travel agents are masters in their own field, it’s important to trust your destination wedding planning to the experts – ensuring a spectacular and enduring once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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