The Five Ingredients for a Magic Reception

You know when you’re attending a reception with that extra special something; the lights sparkle a little brighter, the food tastes more delicious and guests will never forget what an incredible day they’ve experienced. Here are our top tips for a wedding reception that captivates, delights and reflects both your personalities.

Be prepared

Planning is everything for a magical and memorable wedding, and it will ensure that the reception flows smoothly throughout. From a well-organised seating plan that ensures guests interact with like-minded people, to coordinating the perfect lights, music, favours and table arrangements to set the mood, organisation is key for a spectacular night. Nothing is impossible with enough planning, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of what the resort or venue can offer.

Picture yourself as a guest

What was memorable about the receptions you’ve attended in the past, and what are the tiny touches that you appreciated? We’ve found that picturing yourself as your own guest helps to cover these small but worthwhile considerations. You may wish to provide summery footwear for a beach wedding in Fiji, or arrange speeches for earlier on in the night so guests can relax and socialise for longer.

Think outside the cakebox

It’s your special day, and you can skip the traditions if you want to! If you’d prefer not to have a first dance, toss your bouquet or wear a garter, you can simply replace these with new traditions of your own. We’ve helped arrange everything from cocktails in coconuts at Fiji weddings to shots of grappa and late night pizza parties at celebrations in Italy. Think about what means the world to you and your partner, and put a fresh twist on your day.

Always have a Plan B

Ideally your wedding day will go seamlessly as planned, however inclement weather, delays and breakdowns can sometimes disrupt even the best-laid arrangements. Try to have a contingency plan for common scenarios; consider working with a planner who can help smooth the bumps; and if you are planning your event a long way in advance, keep an open mind that things may change last minute.

Enlist the help of a professional

If you wish to create a truly special day, consider working with those who arrange weddings on a daily basis. A professional team can put in place all the planning, communication and organisation that ensure the reception goes off without a single hiccup, as well as suggesting extra touches. We’ve created breathtaking receptions for weddings in Fiji, Tuscany, Greece, Mexico and everywhere in between, and can liaise with venues and resorts to help make your dreams a reality.

At a perfectly planned reception, the music, food and love all come together in one seamless and unforgettable day or night. Marry Me Abroad can help make that exquisite reception happen, whether you’re dreaming of an exotic Fiji wedding or elegant nuptials in Venice. Contact Marry Me Abroad today to discuss your wedding plans, and be on your way to your own magical reception.

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