Why Eloping Can Be the Perfect Way to Begin Life Together

Eloping is the perfect choice for many modern weddings. After all, it offers an intimate, personal and meaningful event for the two of you – and an opportunity to see the world while you’re at it. Here are some of the reasons many of our clients choose to elope for their special day.

You can go all out on your exotic wedding location

The expenses for a lavish wedding can quickly add up. With an elopement, you can go all out on the trip of a lifetime with your new husband or wife, spending more on the things which matter for your day such as professional photos, indulgent Michelin star meals for two and an extended honeymoon. Imagine the two of you on a yacht in Sardinia, sailing across the azure sea as the sun sets, or waking up in your spacious suite overlooking the Cancun coastline with a day of relaxation ahead.

It’s just the two of you

One of the biggest benefits of eloping is that the focus is on your commitment to each other, rather than on cousin Kelly’s latest drama or whether there’s enough food to go round. Whether you’re marrying in Italy or Hawaii, you can create a ceremony that means the world to both of you and spend the whole time enjoying each other’s company.

You can throw tradition to the wind (if you want to)

Eloping removes all of the expectations that often come with a wedding, and that frees you up for all kinds of possibilities. Dreaming of getting married while scuba diving in Fiji, or atop an elephant in Thailand? The choice – and the experience – is completely yours.

It makes for a great wedding story

What could create a better wedding story than escaping together to an exotic island in the Caribbean for three weeks, or having a fun-filled Las Vegas elopement and honeymoon along Route 66? No matter your style, running away together guarantees great stories for your friends, families and future grandchildren.

You can still celebrate with family

Just because you’re getting married by yourselves it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with family and friends. Many of our couples choose to fly out a few choice family members to witness their union, and others choose to put on a party once they arrive back home. Both are great ways to acknowledge your marriage in a way that everyone can enjoy.

Simplicity is beautiful

A simple ceremony is an elegant and modern way to say “I Do” and you can stay completely stress-free, particularly when working with a planner. An overseas wedding planner such as Marry Me Abroad can help arrange your travel plans, wedding paperwork and smooth out any bumps on the day to ensure you have a relaxed, intimate and unforgettable day.

We’d love to talk about your ideal elopement, so get in touch today.

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