Budgeting Tips for Any Overseas Wedding

While it’s the last thing that any bride wants to think about when planning their walk down the aisle in paradise, setting a budget is a good idea for any size of wedding. Nothing should hold you back from having the biggest celebration of your life, but these simple tips can ensure you can easily stick to your financial plan while saying “I do” overseas.

Clarify your guest numbers

As with any nuptials, some of the biggest costs for weddings overseas can be the venue, food and beverages. Your guest list will be the single deciding factor on your size of venue and price per head, so give yourself plenty of time to create a guest list of the most important people in your lives and finalise RSVPs early so your caterers can plan effectively.

Prioritise your wedding services

Videographers and photographers provide a professional service and these costs can quickly add up. You might hire these services for just a few hours instead of the entire day, adding a hashtag on your invitation so your guests can create an album of their own photos and videos.

Another area that can be adjusted according to budget is music. While there is nothing quite like a live five-piece band playing at your celebrations, if you find that you are edging towards the higher end of your budget you might consider a DJ or a self-curated iPod playlist for simplicity.

Choose your seasons and consider demand

Some seasons at your wedding destination will be more popular and in demand than others. By booking during shoulder season you may find that venues and providers are more available and affordable, while still offering consistent weather for your big day.

Consider a weekday wedding

One of the benefits of overseas weddings is that all of your guests are on holiday, so why not consider getting married on a weekday? You may well find that venues, photographers and videographers offer discounts during the week, or that they can squeeze in some extra time or features for the same price.

Set up a honeymoon fund for your gift registry

Wedding gifts can be expensive for guests to bring over with them, and they can also be costly to bring back with you. Why not keep things simple and ask guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund? Their gift to you will be the unforgettable memories that you collect on that one-in-a-lifetime journey with your new spouse.

Think seasonal for floral arrangements

Destination weddings offer the chance to experience that country’s unique surroundings, and nothing complements those spectacular scenes better than local flowers that are in season. Not only will they add a meaningful touch to your ceremony and reception, but they can also help to keep your costs down. Similarly, it can be truly special to end your wedding feast with a local-style wedding cake. In Italy many caterers include a traditional Italian cake as part of their wedding menu selections.

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