A 12-Month Checklist for Your Italian Wedding

An Italian wedding is one you will never forget, whether you are tying the knot in a peaceful olive grove in Tuscany, under the endless sky in Sardinia or along the sparkling Amalfi Coast. Getting married abroad does take some organisation and a little flexibility, but with this helpful 12-month checklist for weddings in Italy you can be relaxed and prepared ahead of your nuptials.

10-12 months before the big day

  • Work with your planner to lock in your ideal venue as early as possible.
  • Reserve your wedding bands or DJs, hair stylists and make-up artists, as these services tend to book out fast.
  • Book your photographer and videographer and discuss any special requests with them.
  • Send out invitations as early as possible so guests can begin to make their accommodation and travel arrangements.
  • Set up your wedding website with all of the important information for your guests, so they can plan their holiday around your wedding.
  • Check and organise your passport and visa requirements with plenty of time to spare.
  • Speak with your wedding planner about securing an appointment for your Atto Notorio, the documentation required for Australian citizens marrying in Italy.
  • Begin planning and booking your honeymoon, or ask your planner for romantic recommendations in the heart of Venice or waterside at Lake Como.
  • Shop for your wedding dress, leaving plenty of time for fittings and customisation.
  • Book travel insurance as soon as your first deposit is paid, plus wedding insurance if applicable.
  • Set up a Pinterest board and begin to think about your wedding styling.

6-10 months before

  • If you are thinking of having a trial makeup and hair session in the days prior to your wedding, your planner can help to arrange this with your beauty specialists in Italy.
  • Have a discussion with your planner about seasonal flowers and the availability of styling elements at your destination, as florists often need to be booked months in advance.

4-6 months before

  • Start putting ideas together for your hair and makeup.
  • If you haven’t already, shop for your accessories and wedding shoes.

3-4 months before

  • Start to think about the key songs during your ceremony, for example: What will you walk down the aisle to? What would you like your first dance to be?
  • If you will be having speeches and readings, it’s a good idea to ask guests who you would like involved in the ceremony and reception now so they will have time to prepare.

2 months before

  • Now is the time to book in routine vaccinations you may need for your Italian trip. A flu shot is often a good idea to minimise any sniffles caught on the plane and to keep everyone healthy.
  • Finalise your guest numbers and confirm these with your venue or your planner.
  • Once your guest numbers have been finalised, you can decide on your final wedding menu and drinks selections.

1 month before

  • Begin printing out all written quotes from your suppliers and keep these in a wedding folder. If you are working with a planner, relax – we will take care of these arrangements for you.
  • Start a packing list and add to it as you go to ensure you remember everything for a picture-perfect wedding.
  • Aim to have your dress perfectly fitted and delivered with time to spare for last-minute alterations.

1 week before

  • Pack your luggage and check off your detailed list.
  • Try on your complete wedding outfit to check you feel completely happy with your accessories.
  • Have your planner confirm your Italian flights.
  • Get plenty of sleep before your trip.
  • Finalise your vows if you are writing these yourselves.
  • Have a spa day booked for a manicure, pedicure and massage with your bridal party.

1-2 days before

  • Arrive at your destination, check in with your planner and look forward to your big day.

Remember, it’s always worth arranging your venue, dress, insurance and other important details as soon as possible to make sure you’ll be working with the suppliers you prefer. The wedding planners at Marry Me Abroad have many years of experience planning beautiful bespoke Italy weddings. Explore our Italian wedding page and contact the team on 02 9560 5834 to discuss ideas for your unique ceremony and reception.

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